There’s a reason you don’t see tons of flashy advertising for The Babysitting Boutique: it doesn’t *need* to advertise. This business is growing because happy moms are spreading the word. I don’t know Aracelly personally, and she didn’t ask me to write this review.

The Babysitting Boutique is amazing! I was in a bind over finding a way to get my son to kindergarten, watch my daughter, and get to an 8am course. I can’t drop my son off until AFTER 7:45, and even with a helicopter I wouldn’t have made it from there to my daughter’s daycare and then to class on time. If I’m late to class more than twice I FAIL the course. I was worried sick about how I would manage it.

Aracelly saved the day! Her sitter (Natalie) is NEVER late, is flexible to accommodate my schedule, and my kids (and I) love her. She takes my daughter to the park and even arranges it so that my daughter takes a nap AFTER I get home (so that I get even more free time!). Ever since I started using The Babysitting Boutique a few months ago I haven’t used any other sitters. She’s found me a sitter late at night, last minute, and for short and long jobs.

The hourly rates are exactly (or less) than what you’d pay for a private sitter, but since Aracelly has a small army of sitters there’s always someone who is available. Try this service: you won’t regret it!
-Kristen Gerring

Aracelly has been the only sitter I’ve been able to trust with my 2 year old son. She is very good with kids. My son liked her from the start. She knows how to play well and stay interacted with my son. When I leave him with her he doesn’t even care that I’m gone thats how much he likes spending time with her. She’s  very punctual as well. Always makes it to my house on time. She cooks for my son and cleans up after him and his a mess! She puts him down for bed and makes sure he is well taken care of. I love also that she is trained in CPR , He is in good hands. I would definitely recommend The Babysitting Boutique to any of my friends and family. They are very professional and have reasonable prices. Thank you , The Babysitting Boutique ..
– Jan Whitelock

Aracelly Barberena can make my baby girl laugh harder than anyone. While that makes me a bit jealous, I also take great comfort in the loving , fun and safe experience she provided my daughter. She is punctual , active and consistent. I highly recommend her as a long term sitter, as well as any last minute workers we hired from The Babysitting Boutique.
– Katy Stallfus

When I first had my son baby James I thought I could never leave him with a babysitter. But when i met this company I thought let me give them a try. The best people that have taken care of my son . They are great with him !!! keep things clean and tidy.. They speak Spanish to him so he can learn a second language. They are amazing  I highly recommend them to  anyone.
– Melissa F.
Leda was very good, she was very happy to meet our son. He was very happy to meet and play with her . Overall a great experience. Thank You..
– Godoy Family

Very professional and sweet with my kids. She sent me pictures of my kids sleeping so I could know that they were doing fine. Will be happy to work with The Babysitting Boutique again.

– Richards Family

I’ve found The Babysitting Boutique to be a blessing to my family  Aracelly is always finds us the perfect sitter for my girls. My girls truly have a great time with all the sitters from The Babysitting Boutique they are very interactive and loving as well as very punctual . I would truly recommend them to anyone I leave with a peace of mind that my girls are being well taken care of.
– Astrid Carrera

Aracelly Barberena has , for over 8 years , been our favorite babysitter! Not only reliable , punctual and responsible , Aracelly bonded with our daughter like a big and loving sister. For the last 4 years, since our new addition to the family, Peppers, Aracelly pet sits for us with the same loving care and responsiblilty . Needless to say , we absolutely recommend Aracelly’s service..

– Ana Luisa Pieropan

We are a military family and have been in Miami for 2.5 years. When we first moved, we had a two year old and a newborn and were faced with the daunting task of finding a stranger to watch our precious babies. At first, we were just looking for a sitter for date nights, and Aracelly’s profile on Care.com shined like a bright star, a fact that was only confirmed when I met her in person. She is calm, kind, experienced, and knowledgable, and easily alleviated the anxiety I had about leaving my small children with someone new. Aracelly is professional, warm, and takes her job as a childcare provider very seriously, but perhaps most importantly, my kids adore her; traits that she looks for in her staff as well. As my children got a bit older and I went back to work, first part-time and then in a more full-time capacity, Aracelly and the Babysitting Boutique met our family’s childcare needs with ease. There’s never been a time when a babysitter wasn’t available, to include helping out at the last minute when other plans fell through. If ever there is a time Aracelly can’t come herself, she sends one of the other experienced, kind, energetic, responsible, CPR-trained ladies in her arsenal, so instead of just one fabulous babysitter, we have access to a whole team of trustworthy providers. Over the last few years, we’ve had sitters that we see regularly (Anelsa, Aracelly, Ximena), who feel like part of the family and others (Chelsea, Melissa, Sandra, Leda) who seamlessly step in when needed. They are all awesome! Every encounter we’ve had with the Babysitting Boutique has been a positive one. Our kids look forward to days when the babysitter comes, and so do we, because when we come home from work, appointments, date night, whatever, our kids are always happy (or asleep!!) and that’s because they have so much fun and are treated with love while we’re gone. I highly recommend the Babysitting Boutique!

– Chelsea H.